St Luke's Church Services

Greetings Friends.

First of all, let me say that by God’s grace and good government all our St Luke’s church services are operating at their usual times.

We ensure church is a safe place by:
    maintaining distance,
    occupying every second pew,
    wearing masks and
    sanitising hands.
And please stay home if you are unwell.

Nevertheless, it is always good to gather in person if you feel it is appropriate for your health to do so, and we welcome all our regular members and all visitors and newcomers.

May the God who drew near at Bethlehem long ago, draw near today to each one of us, through that same Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayerful best wishes,
Ken Fenton

Playgroup 2021

Connecting with St Luke's

You can find the latest news, updates and other resources such as St Luke's newsletter 'Connecting' on the News and Events webpage. There are also video messages from Ken on our Facebook page. You can watch our Wednesday and Sunday sermons and other videos on our YouTube channel. We invite you to join our friendly community!

Weekly Services at St Luke's

Position Available

Our church is seeking a woman to work [paid], one day per week, with parents and children, in the context of our playgroup and church. This outreach position will commence from the end of January. Please see here for details: